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ban expression


“Of all the things difficult to understand, one of it is faith, especially the religious faith. Historians have failed to find an era in the human history devoid of this faith yet unable to identify all of its kinds. Whatever the period was and whatever the culture existed one thing which was prominent was their belief in the supreme power which exists above them. Man from an unknown period of time has imbibed in himself the faith that there is a Creator whose power overpowers everything and His existence and blessings are the reason for his worship." (Wrote R. Crawford in his book titled- The God/Man/World Triangle: A Dialogue Between Science and Religion).

When the explorer of human faiths decided to find out the origin of religious faith they found it impossible to separate it from the origin of the human being which clearly signifies faith as a part of our own origin.

The European Court of Justice decided to allow organizations to ban employees from wearing symbols of their faith at work. The ruling prompted dismay from some religious groups. Whether it is Jewish men who wear kippas, Sikh men who wear turbans, people who wear crosses, people who wear head scarves, or others who have their faiths depicted in physical forms.

Maryam H’madoun, a policy adviser, who is also with the Open Society Foundations, expressed concern that the ruling could potentially help exclude many Muslim women from the work force. “This disappointing ruling weakens the guarantee of equality that is at the heart of the E.U.’s anti-discrimination directive,” she said.

What kind of freedom is the court looking at? Do we as a human being can't freely express our faith? Or have the people failed to accept each other's faith? The problem doesn't lie with the people at large, it lies with the few narrow minds that decide not to accept each other with open hands and hearts. Religious faith or display of symbols related to religious faith is something very closely related to the origin of every human being and by ripping off their freedom to display their faith freely, the court of justice is displaying the inhumane behavior which cannot be expected at least in the era we are living.

When we speak of freedom, we speak of its expression. When we say freedom of speech, we hold it to the words and when we say freedom of equality, we hold it in our works. What about freedom of expression? Why shouldn't people of all kind of faith rise above this inhumane decision of banning freedom of expression of faith and protest till they break down the narrow minds and live in harmony by accepting each others faith?

In an interview in 1999 by Scott London, on future of human faith and religion Ninian Smart, one of the world's foremost scholars of religion, and the author of some 30 books on religious faith said “I don't think religions will merge into a great global faith. But I do believe we're moving toward a global ideology that has a place for religion and recognizes the contributions of the different traditions. Hopefully, it will have an overarching view as to how we can work together for the promotion of human values and spirituality. I would like to see an agreement that recognizes that we live on the same planet and that some interests, such as human rights, must be universal and that all religions must be respected."
What can be more agreeable than his view of living on the planet with mutual cooperation and harmony?


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