Biography of Martyr Emad Mugniyeh (Haj Rizvan)

Born in January 1962 in the city of Soor, Martyr Emad Mugniyeh was also known as Haj Rizvan. He has recorded the largest number of operations against the Zionist Regime in the world. Family of Martyr Mugniyeh consisted of his father”Fayez”, his mother and two brothers “Jihad” and “Fuad” were also martyred. His family moved from Soor to Southern Zahiyeh, Beirut, where he received his elementary and secondary education and later when he was young he went to the American University of Beirut (AUB).

 Martyr Mugniyeh in the early eighties had joined “Force 17” of the military wing of the Palestinian Liberation Movement, which was a special force, to protect fighters like Abu Amar, Abu Jehad and Abu Ayad. From this time, he played a fundamental role in the operations of transfer of weapons in the Movement of Liberation of Palestine for the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, which played a significant role in Hezbollah and Amal Movement. However, in the year 1982 because of invasion of Lebanon by Israel, the Palestinian Liberation fighters were forced to leave Lebanon. Because of continuous resistance and struggle of Emad Mugniyeh, he was under the radar of at least 42 security agencies in the world since 20 years ago. Information Society of America and Zionist Regime have accused him of implementing anti-Zionist campaigns. This heroic warrior never liked to come in front of the media. He was known with different names and nicknames. Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah used to address him as “Haj Ahmad”. Zionists used to address him as “Bin Laden of Shias” and America used to address him as the biggest killer. Very few pictures and images of Emad Mugniyeh are known and when the inspector of federal Bureau of America (FBI) made efforts to publish his pictures, it was futile. The FBI even doubts whether Emad Mugniyeh attempted plastic surgery on his face twice or more! Americans believe that before the incident of 11th September 2001, Mugniyeh has killed Americans more than any other person.

Authority of Special Operations:

Emad Mugniyeh takes the responsibility of three operations in the year 1982 and this led to the America and France to desperately hunt for him. These operations consisted of bombing of the American Embassy in Beirut in April 1983, which led to deaths of 63 Americans; bombing of U.S Marine headquarters “Marines” in Beirut that killed 241 Americans and bombing of the military camp of France in the area “Al- Baqa” that led to the death of 58 French. Because of his extraordinary skills in planning and commanding operations, he was identified as the authority of special operation of Hezbollah. Martyr Mugniyeh remained hidden for two years until when he was found in the aircraft cabin “TWA” of America. America accused Mugniyeh of hijacking the plane at the Beirut airport and killing one of its passengers who was among the military navy of America. International media reported that for the first time in 1990 Mugniyeh performed plastic surgery on his face and then went to Beirut with his new face. According to sources, Mugniyeh held many visas from different countries and in this way he could implement the dangerous operations.

25 Million Dollar prize for Mughniyeh’s head:

America declared 25 Million Dollar prize for Mughniyeh’s head and 42 countries around the world were trying endlessly to arrest and murder him. Before his martyrdom, Mugniyeh was saved from several terrorist operations. After Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah became the Secretary General of Hezbollah, he concentrated on politics for a while and became the commander of military wing of Hezbollah. Israeli security services had accused Mugniyeh of kidnapping two military officials of the Zionist regime and later were unable to dominate Hezbollah and block their activities. Beirut siege lasted for three months and with the exodus of Palestinian fighters and Palestinian Liberation Movement in Lebanon, Emad Mugniyeh also joined the ranks of fighters of Afvaj of the Islamic Resistance (Amal Movement), which was established by Imam Musa Sadr and Martyr Mustafa Chamran. However with the transfer of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah from Amal to Hezbollah, Martyr Mugniyeh also joined the newly formed Hezbollah. After many successful operations, Martyr Mugniyeh was appointed as the commander in guard of Hezbollah officials and then later he was appointed as head of the operations of Hezbollah. The Zionist Regime accused Mughniyeh of kidnapping two Israeli military officials in the war against the Lebanese. The English newspaper “Sunday Telegraph” wrote about Martyr Mugniyeh that he is a revolutionary warrior who paid his allegiance to Imam Khomeini (RA) as a contribution to the revolution he will give away his life too. Images that have been published of Martyr “Emad Mugniyeh” are so light that the Federal Bureau of America (FBI) has claimed that he has attempted plastic surgery on his face so that he cannot be identified.

Martyr Emad Mugniyeh was renowned for avoiding media. He was known as “Shadow Man” in the Islamic Resistance and many consider him (his brain) as “thinker” in Hezbollah. Martyr Emad Mugniyeh was martyred on 12th February 1986 in the wake of car bomb explosion in Damascus. The piety, bravery and conviction of this great personality guides many whose heart still throbs for the oppressed people of Palestine, Lebanon and Muslims all over the world.

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