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  • Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    Memory of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    The children of the locality were busy playing when Ibrahim entered the alley. All were so engaged in playing that no one noticed him entering. One of them shot the ball hard on the side of the gate; but in place of hitting the net, it hit on Ibrahim's face. The children got scared and ran away. Ofcourse they should do so, because of such a height and body Ibrahim had! Ibrahim's face had turned red. He sat on the floor for sometime for the pain to calm down. While he was sitting he removed the plastic of walnuts from his hand bag; kept it beside the door and shouted: "Boys, where did you all go away?! Come back I have got walnuts for all of you."

  • Martyr Hasan Baqri

    Memory of Martyr Hasan Baqri

    The Iraqi lines were everywhere. We were passing from there when we heard the call to prayers. He said,"Stop for a while. We will first do our prayers." I replied, "Mortar shell can hit us anytime. It is dangerous for us to pray now." He replied, "A person who comes to the warfront should not delay or leave his prayers."

  • Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Our marriage was fixed on dowry of 14 coins. Once the sermon was recited, Imam Khomeini said to us: Be good with each other. We always kept his instructions in our mind when we started our life together. If there would be any disagreement between us at all,we would repeat Imam's words....

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  • To Keep Alive the Blood (Memory) of the Martyrs

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