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  • Martyr Jihad Mugniyeh

    Memory of Martyr Jihad Mugniyeh

    (as narrated by the martyr's mother) It was Thursday night. Suddenly at midnight I heard Jihad moaning and crying. I went towards his room and tried to look from outside. I saw that he was crying and speaking to Imam (atfs). My heart shivered, but I did not want to disturb him. So I left from there as if I did not see anything. Morning, when he was ready to leave, I could not help myself and asked him: Son, what happened to you last night? What were you speaking? Why were you so restless? He tried to change the conversation. But my heart could not accept and I was little scared. So again I asked him my question with more seriousness. He replied : It was nothing mother. I was doing my prayers. I saw that he don't want to say more, so I did not force him to speak. We kissed and hugged each other and then he left. Sunday noon (on the day of his martyrdom), I realized what he had been asking from Allah and Imam (atfs) and what was the conversation between them....

  • Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari

    Memory of Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari

    He used to work as a mechanic during the time of war. In addition to it, he was deaf. When his uncle's son Ghulam Reza was martyred in the war, he came near his grave, and talked with us in his curious and dumb language. We asked him: What are you saying?!Whatever he tried to say, we could not understand. When he saw that we could not understand, he drew a grave with his finger on the soil near the martyr's grave and wrote on it 'Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari'. Then he looked up at us. He smiled and we laughed at him. We said to ourselves: Is he joking? When he saw that all of us did not understand and we all are laughing, he did not say anything. He kept his head on the grave and became silent for sometime.... Sometime later, he went to the war. After ten days, they brought back his body; and buried him exactly where he drew his grave on the soil. His will had few lines written in it: In the name of Allah, the Beneficient and Merciful. Whatever I said in my lifetime, they laughed. I wanted to love people my whole life, but they did not think of me as a human. They made fun of me. Whatever I spoke, they did not take it seriously. I did not have anyone with whom I could speak. I was alone. But since now I have left, know that I used to speak with my Imam (atfs) everyday. Imam (atfs) used to tell me: You will get martyred. He showed me my place of burial. I told this to the people as well, but they did not believe...! Martyred on : 23rd February 1987

  • Martyr Mahdi Tahmasbi

    Memory of Martyr Mahdi Tahmasbi

    (as narrated by the martyr's wife) Mahdi had told me that many people used to tell him you have two sons. Why do you want to go to the war?They used to say not to go for the sake of your children. People used to advice him in such a way as if he didn't knew the meaning of wife and children. As if he didn't knew what love and family is. As if his heart had turned into a stone. But according to me, this was totally opposite.Warriors who have lived their life before going to the warfront and then sacrificed it have been totally different then what has been perceived by people. Their love for their families was hundred times more than those who claim themselves to love their families. And they surely know the meaning of wife, children, mother and father, and relatives. But in between all this exists a point (love towards Allah and sacrificing everything for His sake), that they deattach their hearts from everything easily and sacrifice themselves.

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  • How to achieve martyrdom?

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