Biography of Martyr Sayyid Hadi Nasrallah

On a cold Wednesday morning of 19th January 1979, in the village of Bazuriyeh was born Sayyid Muhammad Hadi Nasrallah, his father embraced the first child warmly and recited Azan and Aqamah in his ears, “Hayya alal falah (hasten towards success), Hayya alaa khayril amal (Hasten towards good deeds)”. Dews seeped from the body of the new born and his fragrance combined with the dawn breeze, settled on the highest peak of “Mount Al Rafi”. This spirit from heaven was “Sayyid Muhammad Hadi Nasrallah” that would descend to the 7th heaven after 17 years. Since the early days of his childhood, signs of being genius, stable personality, cheerfulness, kindness, humility and serving nature were evident in him. He was always kind and a faithful friend towards his brothers Muhammad Javad and Muhammad Ali and his sister Zainab. When he was 4 years, Muhammad Hadi started his school at “Al Nasser” and later at “Ar Rasool Al A’zam (SAW)” in the city of Ba’labag in the province of Baqa’. After his family moved to Beirut, Sayyid Hadi continued his studies in the Educational Center “Al-Mustafa”. This educational centre is managed under Hezbollah. In the third year of high school, when he was not more than 15 years, with the consent of his parents, dropped school temporarily to join the ranks of the Islamic resistance fighters.


Presence in the Procession of the Resistance:

Membership in the organization of Hezbollah required during the selection of the intense steps was secured; that the work related to people like Hadi Nasrallah (Son of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah) was also conducted by Hezbollah during his entry. Intelligence officials of Hezbollah asked for him and did research related to him. He replied with a smile, “I am son of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah.” He was replied saying, “It does not matter. Write out your personal information.” Hadi Nasrallah goes to his father and tells him, “Father, did you give orders that have bothered me and would not let me into the group?” Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah said, “Such is the system of resistance, and we should be responsive to it.” And so this way, Sayyid Hadi Nasrallah was forced to write 14 pages about him. Presence in the procession of resistance and the battlefields, made him to focus towards all his efforts and many of his days were spent in the fronts of jihad and championship and he became familiar with the heights of “Mount Safi” and “Al Lavizeh” and “Malita”. Whenever he returned to the city and home, he would not stay for more than two or three days because he could not tolerate separation from his friends and comrades and he would compensate this separation from his friends by praying to God and reciting Quran. On 4th april 1997, Muhammad Hadi tied a marriage contract with the daughter of Shaikh Ali Khatun. During his period of engagement he made efforts to make his mate as an example for women. Sayyid Muhammad Hadi was one of the fighters of Islamic Resistance and it was possible that he could achieve martyrdom any moment. He tried his wife to prepare for this day and his efforts were fruitful finally.

Last Farewell:

The last farewell of Hadi was different as related to the other farewells. His mother said, “Hadi was very calm and quiet during his last farewell and one could see a hidden smile on his face as if trying to hide something from me. When I was told that Hadi has got lost along with the other three fighters, I submitted to the will of God. I trusted God and assigned everything to him.” In response to his son’s captured body by the system of Zionist she says, “This body is also like the other bodies of the martyrs of Resistance. There is no difference between them. I am also the mother like the other mothers of the martyrs. I have heard on the news that the enemy has swapped the body of my son with the body of Zionist military which remained in the failed operations of Ansariyeh in Lebanon. They have got blind and must give all the bodies of the martyrs and free the prisoners. We do not accept just one body and do not submit to the outrageous proposal of the occupiers.”


On 12th of September 1997, three Hezbollah fighters that attacked an Israeli army near the base of Zionists in the axis of “Sajad” in the “Mount Al Rafi” in the occupied province “Aqleem Al Tafah” got martyred in southern Lebanon and their bodies came into the hands of the Israeli forces. Israeli television, without knowing the real identity of these three individuals, displayed their bloody images; it quickly became apparent that one of these three is Sayyid Hadi Nasrallah, son of Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, secretary general of Hezbollah. This news release sounded like a bomb in the Lebanese society and resulted in an important change. In the history of Lebanon, both during the Civil War and the confrontation with Israeli aggression, no one ever saw that a son of one of the leaders of the political group and militias have been killed in the war. This incident turned out as waves of emotional gushing sympathy, respect and captivation related to the Secretary General of Hezbollah among all the Lebanese religious tribes in such a way that all the nations of Lebanon from all the religions were drastically affected by this incident. The political leader of Lebanon also went to visit Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and gave his congratulations and condolences on the martyrdom of Sayyid Hadi and expressed his gratitude and respect related to the defiant and genuine character of the Secretary General of Hezbollah. These sympathy and respect were not limited to Lebanon and people like Abdullah, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, for the first time in the history of Hezbollah, sent condolences to the Secretary General of Hezbollah and announced its support for the Islamic Resistance.

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