• Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    Memory of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    The children of the locality were busy playing when Ibrahim entered the alley. All were so engaged in playing that no one noticed him entering. One of them shot the ball hard on the side of the gate; but in place of hitting the net, it hit on Ibrahim's face. The children got scared and ran away. Ofcourse they should do so, because of such a height and body Ibrahim had! Ibrahim's face had turned red. He sat on the floor for sometime for the pain to calm down. While he was sitting he removed the plastic of walnuts from his hand bag; kept it beside the door and shouted: "Boys, where did you all go away?! Come back I have got walnuts for all of you."

  • Martyr Hasan Baqri

    Memory of Martyr Hasan Baqri

    The Iraqi lines were everywhere. We were passing from there when we heard the call to prayers. He said,"Stop for a while. We will first do our prayers." I replied, "Mortar shell can hit us anytime. It is dangerous for us to pray now." He replied, "A person who comes to the warfront should not delay or leave his prayers."

  • Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Our marriage was fixed on dowry of 14 coins. Once the sermon was recited, Imam Khomeini said to us: Be good with each other. We always kept his instructions in our mind when we started our life together. If there would be any disagreement between us at all,we would repeat Imam's words....

  • Martyr Mansoor Sitari

    Memory of Martyr Mansoor Sitari

    Once I got angry when Mansoor was doing his prayers and as he completed his prayers I said to him, "Mansoor, are you running out of space that you recite your prayers where children are playing? Please do your prayers in some other room so that I can do my work and won't need to come over here repeatedly behind the kids." As he picked up his rosary, he said, "I do this purposely and it has a philosophy behind it. I recite my prayers in front of the kids so that since childhood they get to know about it. If I recite my prayers in another room and they do not see me reciting it how can I expect them to recite the same in the future?" Even if he wished to recite the Quran, he would do the same thing. During the holy month of Ramadan, after dawn, he would sit besides the children and recite the holy book with loud and beautiful voice. We all would gather around him. Even I would take Quran and recite each and every word with him. He would not give any advice to anyone ever. He used to say, "Rather than teaching something to someone through words, it is better to do that work ourself and show it to others. Children learn in this way more easily."

  • Memory of Martyr Ghulam Ali Tork

    Sitting besides the coffin of my husband, I kept staring at him. Although his body was left under the scorching heat of the sun for days, but a pleasant smell reached my nose from him. There was a stunning light on his face. I thought it is because of the lighting in the surrounding. But when I looked around there was no lightning. I did not even see a small lamp. At night when I slept , he came in my dream with his ever smiling face. Sadly I asked him, "You might have suffered so much pain when all these bullets hit you." He replied, "No, I did not feel any pain. When the bullets hit my body my head was on the laps of Hazrat Amir (AS) and Holy Prophet (SAW) was besides me. He had a bowl of water in his hands. He sprinkled the water on my face. An aroma was spread in the surrounding with which I went into a deep sleep. The light that you see on my face is because of the water that Holy Prophet (SAW) sprinkled on my face.

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