• Martyr Murtaza Mutahhari

    Memory of Martyr Murtaza Mutahhari

    He was invited to give a speech at the University of Shiraz.He had two speeches to give before noon.After noon he had another two speeches to give before sunset.The question and answer session with the students had just finished and the Ustad (Martyr Mutahhari) was walking towards the car when a man approached him and invited him to give a lecture at his local mosque. It was not an easy thing to give speeches with different types of youth from morning till evening, however the Ustad accepted with pleasure. After the lecture in the Mosque, he went towards his place of residence. The driver of the Ustad was waiting for him to come and rest for a bit, however it was the time in which the Ustad would recite Quran.Even at the peak of fatigue – according to his nightly programme – he performed ablution and started reciting Quran. He was a man who never accepted fatigue and all aspects of his life were in the right place.

  • Martyr Mahdi Qorreh Mohammadi

    Memory of Martyr Mahdi Qorreh Mohammadi

    (as narrated by the Martyr's wife) I made an oath that if my child becomes better, I will give permission for my husband to go to Syria. My son Mohammad Javad had just been born when he became extremely ill, whatever we tried to do didn’t cure him, one day my heart broke, I said to Lady Zaynab (sa) that if my son gets better I will give my consent for my husband to once again defend your shrine. Perhaps less than 3 days had passed when my son got better. After that I became upset until I was able to carry out my oath. I asked my husband's commander to give permission to Mahdi in any way so that he could return to Syria.

  • Memory of Martyr Mahmood Qali Por

    Memory of Martyr Mahmood Qali Por

    Mahmood was a pious person, he would never misuse his status. I remember the time when children used to get ill, Mahmood would never take them to the hospital using the army's car which was given to him. Infact he would stay with the kids for whole night, hugging them tightly and then he would take them to the hospital next day by renting public transport. Everytime when I asked him, what do you do in the army? He would always reply, "Nothing. I sweep." One day I came to know about his status through one of his friends. But he would never give any explanation for the work he did and would say, "But does it make any difference that what work I do?" Whatever regulations was assigned to others in the army, he would also follow them. He had so much purity in his life that finally Allah accepted Mahmood near Him.

  • An ISIS prisoner who reached martyrdom

    An ISIS prisoner who reached martyrdom

    (as narrated by Hujjatul Islam Hasan Moradi - Fatemiyoon group) Abdur Rehman was not more than 13 years old, but he joined the army of Daesh at this early age. It had been few days he was captivated by the Fatemiyoon group. In this few days, few of the boys had given him part of their clothes to him. They also kept some biscuits and food near him. The boys did not know his language, but they were more kind towards him than other prisoners, keeping his age in mind. Looking at the kindness of the boys and the reality of the Fatemiyoon group, he changed his mind and thought to fight against the Daesh. Daesh, who used to lie and call his friends unbelievers and introduced them as those who didn't worship to Allah. He went to one of the scholars and asked him to teach him how to recite Azan the way Shias recite. At night he asked for water and said he want to bath with the intention of martyrdom. On the day of Arbaeen, he recited morning prayers like the Fatemiyoon group, and went to the warfront with them. He took the flag of Fatemiyoon on his shoulders and did not keep it aside even for a second. Abdur Rehman who had asked the boys to call him as Ali Asgar, achieved martyrdom on the day of Arbaeen.

  • Martyr Ahmad Ali Niri

    Memory of Martyr Ahmad Ali Niri

    Once I asked him, I wonder what has been your reason for the spiritual growth in these recent years. He tried to change the topic but I repeated my question. I said to him there is definitely a reason behind it. He replied if you can tolerate, sit and I will tell you about it. "One day I had been to Damavand with friends from our locality and few boys from the Mosque. Everyone was busy playing, when one of the elders requested me to fill the kettle with water and bring it for him. I left the place to do the same. The path was very long towards water. As I reached nearer I could listen to the voice of the flowing water. I crossed from between the plants and finally reached the river. As soon as my eyes reached the river, immediately I put my head down and sat over there. My body started shivering and I didn't knew what to do. I hid myself over there behind a tree. I could easily fall for a big sin. Behind the trees and beside the river, few young girls were busy swimming. I cried to Allah and asked him to help me. I said to Allah: O Allah, Shaitan is strongly whispering in my ears so that I can look at those young girls and do a great sin. No one will even know. But Allah, for the sake of you I want to pass away from this sin. I took the empty kettle and tried to fill it with water from some other place. I finally reached the boys and became busy creating fire. The fire was created with great difficulty and a lot of smoke went into my eyes. Tears were flowing from my eyes. I recalled an Agha who said that whoever cries for the sake of Allah, Allah loves him very much. I said to myself, from now onwards I will only cry for the sake of Allah. My innerself was changing because of the difficult test Allah took from me near the river. Tears kept flowing from my eyes and with proper attention I kept on murmuring "O Allah...O Allah..."While repeating just these words, all of a sudden, I could listen to voices coming from each and every thing near me. I looked near my side and the voices came from the stones of the desert, trees, mountains...everything!!! Everything said: Subbuhul Quddus va Rabbanal Malaika va Ruh.... And since then little by little, doors of the heaven started opening for me...."

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