• Martyr Ali Seyad Shirazi

    Memory of Martyr Ali Seyad Shirazi

    I saw Seyad constantly looking at his watch. I asked him the reason and he replied, "It is the time for prayers." He asked the pilot to land the helicopter so that they can pray on time.The pilot said, "This area is not safe. If you feel right we can wait till we reach our destination."Martyr Seyad said, "There's no problem... We must recite our prayers here only.... " The pilot respected his opinion and landed the helicopter.We did our ablution with the water in the flask and recited congregational prayer behind him. When the islamic students of Shiraz asked Ayatollah Bahauddin to give them some moral lectures, he said, "Go to Seyad Shirazi and take the lessons of life from him. If you become Seyad Shirazi you have got the benefits of this world as well the hereafter....."

  • Martyr Husain Mazghulami

    Memory of Martyr Husain Mazghulami

    Last year, I was with the martyr in Mosque of Qamre Bani Hashim (as) for the ceremony of Etekaf. Young children were gathered around him, they would laugh and have fun, and make a lot of voice. I called out to Agha Husain and said : Please do less noise. We are having the ceremony of Etekaf. Many of the people who have visited here are elder people. They will not be able to tolerate. With his ever smiling face, he replied : Haji, we must bring this generation to the Mosque using such tactics. You can see the park outside the Mosque and it is so crowded. I had no way but to bring them here laughing and playing with them. So that they do not get tired and keep a habit of coming to the Mosque. I thought for a while that whatever he said was true. In this age, whatever is the condition, first the children should be brought to the Mosque and make them familiar with it. #defendersoftheholyshrine#martyrs_of_syria

  • Martyr Jihad Mugniyeh

    Memory of Martyr Jihad Mugniyeh

    (as narrated by the martyr's mother) It was Thursday night. Suddenly at midnight I heard Jihad moaning and crying. I went towards his room and tried to look from outside. I saw that he was crying and speaking to Imam (atfs). My heart shivered, but I did not want to disturb him. So I left from there as if I did not see anything. Morning, when he was ready to leave, I could not help myself and asked him: Son, what happened to you last night? What were you speaking? Why were you so restless? He tried to change the conversation. But my heart could not accept and I was little scared. So again I asked him my question with more seriousness. He replied : It was nothing mother. I was doing my prayers. I saw that he don't want to say more, so I did not force him to speak. We kissed and hugged each other and then he left. Sunday noon (on the day of his martyrdom), I realized what he had been asking from Allah and Imam (atfs) and what was the conversation between them....

  • Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari

    Memory of Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari

    He used to work as a mechanic during the time of war. In addition to it, he was deaf. When his uncle's son Ghulam Reza was martyred in the war, he came near his grave, and talked with us in his curious and dumb language. We asked him: What are you saying?!Whatever he tried to say, we could not understand. When he saw that we could not understand, he drew a grave with his finger on the soil near the martyr's grave and wrote on it 'Martyr Abdul Mutallib Akbari'. Then he looked up at us. He smiled and we laughed at him. We said to ourselves: Is he joking? When he saw that all of us did not understand and we all are laughing, he did not say anything. He kept his head on the grave and became silent for sometime.... Sometime later, he went to the war. After ten days, they brought back his body; and buried him exactly where he drew his grave on the soil. His will had few lines written in it: In the name of Allah, the Beneficient and Merciful. Whatever I said in my lifetime, they laughed. I wanted to love people my whole life, but they did not think of me as a human. They made fun of me. Whatever I spoke, they did not take it seriously. I did not have anyone with whom I could speak. I was alone. But since now I have left, know that I used to speak with my Imam (atfs) everyday. Imam (atfs) used to tell me: You will get martyred. He showed me my place of burial. I told this to the people as well, but they did not believe...! Martyred on : 23rd February 1987

  • Martyr Mahdi Tahmasbi

    Memory of Martyr Mahdi Tahmasbi

    (as narrated by the martyr's wife) Mahdi had told me that many people used to tell him you have two sons. Why do you want to go to the war?They used to say not to go for the sake of your children. People used to advice him in such a way as if he didn't knew the meaning of wife and children. As if he didn't knew what love and family is. As if his heart had turned into a stone. But according to me, this was totally opposite.Warriors who have lived their life before going to the warfront and then sacrificed it have been totally different then what has been perceived by people. Their love for their families was hundred times more than those who claim themselves to love their families. And they surely know the meaning of wife, children, mother and father, and relatives. But in between all this exists a point (love towards Allah and sacrificing everything for His sake), that they deattach their hearts from everything easily and sacrifice themselves.

  • Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    Memory of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    It was night. A group of boys from one of the battalions had gathered. Ibrahim started reciting the lamentations. Because of tiredness, his voice was chocked a little while he recited. When the gathering was over, few boys came towards him and made fun of his voice and said few things which made Ibrahim sad. That night, before sleeping, Ibrahim was very angry. He said: I am not important. They were making fun of the gathering of Lady Zahra (sa). And therefore I will never recite lamentations ever! As much as I said to him to not take their words so seriously, and to do your work, it was useless. We came to the headquarters on the last night. He again said: I swear I will not recite the lamentations anymore! Before the azan of morning prayers, I felt as if someone shook my hands. Ibrahim's enlightened face was above my head. He called me and said: Stand up. It's prayer time. After the prayers, he started reciting supplication and then he recited the lamentations of Lady Fatima (sa). The beautiful lamentations with poetry on Lady Zahra (sa) filled the eyes of the boys with tears. And I was shocked to listen him reciting the lamentations as I had heard him swear not to recite it again. But I did not say anything to him. After having breakfast, we returned to Sumar. On the way I was busy thinking how strange things Ibrahim had done. Ibrahim looked at me and said: You want to ask me, even though I sweared to you that I won't recite lamentations ever, why did I recited it?I replied: Well yes.He replied: The thing that I am about to say you, please do not tell it to anyone else until I am alive. He paused for a while and then continued : I couldn't sleep last night at all. Then all of a sudden I slept at midnight. Suddenly I saw Lady Fatima has come and she said: Do not say I will never recite. We like you. Whoever tells you to recite, even you accept it and do recite. Reference: Peace be upon Ibrahim.

  • Martyr Commander Naser Behdasht

    Memory of Martyr Commander Naser Behdasht

    (as narrated by Hujjatul Islam Doctor Masroor) During the year 1985, once I was traveling with Martyr Commander Naser Behdasht, in the toyota of the battalion towards the front line. He asked me: What name did you keep for your daughter?I replied: Kawsar When he heard the word "Kawsar", his eyes were filled with tears and he started crying. He tried to hide his tears as much as he could. But at the end, I could see him crying. I also heard him whispering "O Zahra... O Zahra!.." With tears in his eyes, he finally said: What a beautiful name you selected for your daughter! And then he again broke down in tears and started reciting lamentations for his mother Lady Fatima (sa), with love, whose ribs were smashed. Condolences to all of you on the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Fatima (sa).

  • Martyr Mahdi Bakri

    Memory of Martyr Mahdi Bakri

    (as narrated by one of the workers of Municipality) I had got married recently and with the certificate of Diploma in my hands, I was in search of some work. As I walked through the steps of municipality, I saw a worker to whom I asked if there was some work available for me.He removed a piece of paper from his pocket and signed on it. He said to me to take the paper to some person in so and so room. I took the paper to that person and when he saw the signature, immediately asked me: What do you want?I replied: Work.He replied: Come to work tomorrow. I couldn't believe. I started going at work from the next day. After some days I came to know that the person who signed on the paper was the mayor of the Municipality.I was a trainee for few months over there, then after a worker got retired from there, I was given his place. Six months later, the mayor of the Municipality resigned and left for the warfront. And when he was martyred over there, one of the workers said to me: The duration when you were a trainee over here and we were waiting for a worker to get retired so that we can replace you with him, your salary was deducted and paid from the salary of the mayor. And the mayor was none other than Martyr Bakri. This was the martyr's request for you.

  • Martyr Abbas Asmiyeh

    Memory of Martyr Abbas Asmiyeh

    (as narrated by the martyr's sister) Abbas used to give away half of his monthly salary as charity. He would give them to two families - one of the families had a cancer patient and another had an orphan. He would spend some of his salary for day to day living and spend some other for religious programs and gatherings. He would fast for around 20 days in a month, and give away the food to needy that was given to him at his work place. Once he had to go somewhere for some work, he kept some two to three dishes at home and asked father to give them to some families. Father replied him saying he feels shy to take only two dishes in his hands and to give it to someone. But Abbas insisted him saying even if the food is less, one should help people.

  • Memory of Martyr Majeed Kambari

    (as narrated by the martyr's mother) When Majeed was dispatched for the war, he was 18 years old. On the day when he was leaving I said to him: Majeed! I don't want to see you without hands or legs. Take care of yourself. Do not go and return handicapped.He laughed and said: No mother! Do not worry. I will go in such a way that my body will also not return to you.I replied jokingly: May you become dumb! What are these words you are speaking of...! While getting dispatched, he would never come and sit near me. I would love to have him come near me and sit like the other boys. Whenever he would come, he would touch my cheeks and tell me: What happened mother? Why have you gone pale? Why are you sad? I replied to him: Look at you. Why do you keep moving here and there? Why don't you come and sit besides me for sometime?He replied: When I sit besides you, and look at those motherly feelings and love on your face, I fear that Satan might whisper in my ears and I won't be able to go. At the end while leaving, he came near me, kissed me and said: Mother! After going inside the bus, I will stand in the middle of the bus, and I will keep watching you. You keep watching me too. Till the place we can, we will see each other.... When the bus started, we kept waving each other till the end and kept looking at each other.This was the last time we saw each other... After a few days, I got the news of his martyrdom. And just the way he had said, his body did not return. Majeed became an anonymous martyr.

  • Memory of Martyr Commander Ahmad Kazmi

    Memory of Martyr Commander Ahmad Kazmi

    He was badly injured in the Operation of Baytul Muqaddas. He was hit by a bullet on his head. We took him to emergency after insisting a lot. He used to say : No one should know that I have got injured. Treat me here only.... The doctor arrived and said : The wound is very deep. The wound need to be stitched. He was bleeding a lot that he fainted....... It had been a while, once he woke up from his place and said: Stand up. Let's go to the front. I was shocked, I asked him: You were unconscious right now. What happened that you woke up suddenly? He replied: I will tell you with the condition that you won't tell this to anyone till the time I am alive. When I was asleep in the room, I saw Lady Fatima Zahra (as) arrived inside and said to me: What happened? Why are you sleeping? I replied : My head has got injured. I cannot continue any more. She passed her hand on my head and said : Get up get up! It is nothing. Go and continue your work...

  • Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Toorji Zadeh

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Toorji Zadeh

    Muhammad was highly devoted to Lady Fatima Zahra (sa). One of the battalions has narrated: Once I went to the Commander. Muhammad stood up from his place with high respect. I said : I need a leave for few hours and need to go Ahwaz. He refused for some reason. I insisted him but it was useless. At last I became hopeless and said to him: Ok, I will complain to my mother, Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) about this. I was not even few steps away from the tent, he came barefooted running towards me. He took my hand and said to me: What did you say and left?! Take this leave form. I have signed on it. Write whatever number of hours you want to take leave. As I saw his face, it was wet with tears. I said to him: By Allah, I was only joking. I didn't mean anything...But Muhammad kept on insisting that I take my words back! After a year, ten mortar bullets attacked inside the trench during Operation Karbala 10. It was really strange. Three of the bullets hit him. One on his side, another on his arm and the third one on his head. Once I recalled the year before when Muhammad had told about his martyrdom. He had told : I will get martyred during an Operation that will have the code of 'Ya Zahra' and I will be the Commander of the battalion 'Ya Zahra'.After sometime his funeral took place and according to his will we tied the band of 'Ya Zahra' on his forehead before burying him.

  • Memory of a Sea Diver Martyr Yusuf Qurbani

    Memory of a Sea Diver Martyr Yusuf Qurbani

    He lost his parents during childhood who were among the poor of the community and while he was young, he lost his one and only elder brother. A martyr who had no one in this world except Allah and few of his friends. When he was dispatched for the war front, he took his mother's chador (veil) and put it on the clothes hanger. He then placed the Quran on the shelf, so that his heart finds relief (imagining his mother bidding farewell to him under the Quran). During the Holy Defense, he joined the Operations of the Battalion of Vali Asr in Zanjan and became a diver. He played an effective role in the Operations of Dawn 8 and Karbala 5. And finally on 9 th January 1987, he achieved martyrdom in Shalamche. Few minutes before the Operation, one of the reporters asked him: Mr. Yusuf, what does a diver mean? Yusuf replied : Diver means a duck of Imam Mahdi (atfs). One of his friends at the warfront says: I used to see that everyday Yusuf would sit in a corner and wrote a letter. I used to ask myself that Yusuf has no one in this world. To whom does he writes the letter? One day I asked him: Yusuf, don't you post your letter? He took my hand and took a step near the shore of Arvand. He removed the letter from his pocket, tore them to bits and threw them in the river. With tears in his eyes he said : I write the letters to the river, I don't have anyone else to write them to...

  • Martyr Murtaza Mutahhari

    Memory of Martyr Murtaza Mutahhari

    He was invited to give a speech at the University of Shiraz.He had two speeches to give before noon.After noon he had another two speeches to give before sunset.The question and answer session with the students had just finished and the Ustad (Martyr Mutahhari) was walking towards the car when a man approached him and invited him to give a lecture at his local mosque. It was not an easy thing to give speeches with different types of youth from morning till evening, however the Ustad accepted with pleasure. After the lecture in the Mosque, he went towards his place of residence. The driver of the Ustad was waiting for him to come and rest for a bit, however it was the time in which the Ustad would recite Quran.Even at the peak of fatigue – according to his nightly programme – he performed ablution and started reciting Quran. He was a man who never accepted fatigue and all aspects of his life were in the right place.

  • Martyr Mahdi Qorreh Mohammadi

    Memory of Martyr Mahdi Qorreh Mohammadi

    (as narrated by the Martyr's wife) I made an oath that if my child becomes better, I will give permission for my husband to go to Syria. My son Mohammad Javad had just been born when he became extremely ill, whatever we tried to do didn’t cure him, one day my heart broke, I said to Lady Zaynab (sa) that if my son gets better I will give my consent for my husband to once again defend your shrine. Perhaps less than 3 days had passed when my son got better. After that I became upset until I was able to carry out my oath. I asked my husband's commander to give permission to Mahdi in any way so that he could return to Syria.

  • Memory of Martyr Mahmood Qali Por

    Memory of Martyr Mahmood Qali Por

    Mahmood was a pious person, he would never misuse his status. I remember the time when children used to get ill, Mahmood would never take them to the hospital using the army's car which was given to him. Infact he would stay with the kids for whole night, hugging them tightly and then he would take them to the hospital next day by renting public transport. Everytime when I asked him, what do you do in the army? He would always reply, "Nothing. I sweep." One day I came to know about his status through one of his friends. But he would never give any explanation for the work he did and would say, "But does it make any difference that what work I do?" Whatever regulations was assigned to others in the army, he would also follow them. He had so much purity in his life that finally Allah accepted Mahmood near Him.

  • An ISIS prisoner who reached martyrdom

    An ISIS prisoner who reached martyrdom

    (as narrated by Hujjatul Islam Hasan Moradi - Fatemiyoon group) Abdur Rehman was not more than 13 years old, but he joined the army of Daesh at this early age. It had been few days he was captivated by the Fatemiyoon group. In this few days, few of the boys had given him part of their clothes to him. They also kept some biscuits and food near him. The boys did not know his language, but they were more kind towards him than other prisoners, keeping his age in mind. Looking at the kindness of the boys and the reality of the Fatemiyoon group, he changed his mind and thought to fight against the Daesh. Daesh, who used to lie and call his friends unbelievers and introduced them as those who didn't worship to Allah. He went to one of the scholars and asked him to teach him how to recite Azan the way Shias recite. At night he asked for water and said he want to bath with the intention of martyrdom. On the day of Arbaeen, he recited morning prayers like the Fatemiyoon group, and went to the warfront with them. He took the flag of Fatemiyoon on his shoulders and did not keep it aside even for a second. Abdur Rehman who had asked the boys to call him as Ali Asgar, achieved martyrdom on the day of Arbaeen.

  • Martyr Ahmad Ali Niri

    Memory of Martyr Ahmad Ali Niri

    Once I asked him, I wonder what has been your reason for the spiritual growth in these recent years. He tried to change the topic but I repeated my question. I said to him there is definitely a reason behind it. He replied if you can tolerate, sit and I will tell you about it. "One day I had been to Damavand with friends from our locality and few boys from the Mosque. Everyone was busy playing, when one of the elders requested me to fill the kettle with water and bring it for him. I left the place to do the same. The path was very long towards water. As I reached nearer I could listen to the voice of the flowing water. I crossed from between the plants and finally reached the river. As soon as my eyes reached the river, immediately I put my head down and sat over there. My body started shivering and I didn't knew what to do. I hid myself over there behind a tree. I could easily fall for a big sin. Behind the trees and beside the river, few young girls were busy swimming. I cried to Allah and asked him to help me. I said to Allah: O Allah, Shaitan is strongly whispering in my ears so that I can look at those young girls and do a great sin. No one will even know. But Allah, for the sake of you I want to pass away from this sin. I took the empty kettle and tried to fill it with water from some other place. I finally reached the boys and became busy creating fire. The fire was created with great difficulty and a lot of smoke went into my eyes. Tears were flowing from my eyes. I recalled an Agha who said that whoever cries for the sake of Allah, Allah loves him very much. I said to myself, from now onwards I will only cry for the sake of Allah. My innerself was changing because of the difficult test Allah took from me near the river. Tears kept flowing from my eyes and with proper attention I kept on murmuring "O Allah...O Allah..."While repeating just these words, all of a sudden, I could listen to voices coming from each and every thing near me. I looked near my side and the voices came from the stones of the desert, trees, mountains...everything!!! Everything said: Subbuhul Quddus va Rabbanal Malaika va Ruh.... And since then little by little, doors of the heaven started opening for me...."

  • Martyr Muhammad Reza Shafi'ee

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Shafi'ee

    (as narrated by Haj Husain Kaji - Battalion of Division 17 Ali Ibn Abi Talib {as}) His body returned after 16 years. I, myself buried him in the graveyard of Golzare Shohda, in Qom. He was captivated injured during the Operation of Karbala 4. He was later send to a hospital in Baghdad where he was martyred, thirsty. After so many years his body was still fresh. I still remember those nights during the Battalion of Division 17. He used to get up at night, switch off the lamps of the trenches and wherever it was dark, he used to start reciting "Husaini am Husaina" (I am a Husaini..). After the gathering all of them used to wipe their tears using the Cheffieh while Muhammad Reza used to rub the tears on his face. The reason for his fresh face even after 16 years was this - tears dropped for the sake of Imam Husain (as).

  • Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    Memory of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

    The children of the locality were busy playing when Ibrahim entered the alley. All were so engaged in playing that no one noticed him entering. One of them shot the ball hard on the side of the gate; but in place of hitting the net, it hit on Ibrahim's face. The children got scared and ran away. Ofcourse they should do so, because of such a height and body Ibrahim had! Ibrahim's face had turned red. He sat on the floor for sometime for the pain to calm down. While he was sitting he removed the plastic of walnuts from his hand bag; kept it beside the door and shouted: "Boys, where did you all go away?! Come back I have got walnuts for all of you."

  • Martyr Hasan Baqri

    Memory of Martyr Hasan Baqri

    The Iraqi lines were everywhere. We were passing from there when we heard the call to prayers. He said,"Stop for a while. We will first do our prayers." I replied, "Mortar shell can hit us anytime. It is dangerous for us to pray now." He replied, "A person who comes to the warfront should not delay or leave his prayers."

  • Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Reza Dastuvare

    Our marriage was fixed on dowry of 14 coins. Once the sermon was recited, Imam Khomeini said to us: Be good with each other. We always kept his instructions in our mind when we started our life together. If there would be any disagreement between us at all,we would repeat Imam's words....

  • Martyr Mansoor Sitari

    Memory of Martyr Mansoor Sitari

    Once I got angry when Mansoor was doing his prayers and as he completed his prayers I said to him, "Mansoor, are you running out of space that you recite your prayers where children are playing? Please do your prayers in some other room so that I can do my work and won't need to come over here repeatedly behind the kids." As he picked up his rosary, he said, "I do this purposely and it has a philosophy behind it. I recite my prayers in front of the kids so that since childhood they get to know about it. If I recite my prayers in another room and they do not see me reciting it how can I expect them to recite the same in the future?" Even if he wished to recite the Quran, he would do the same thing. During the holy month of Ramadan, after dawn, he would sit besides the children and recite the holy book with loud and beautiful voice. We all would gather around him. Even I would take Quran and recite each and every word with him. He would not give any advice to anyone ever. He used to say, "Rather than teaching something to someone through words, it is better to do that work ourself and show it to others. Children learn in this way more easily."

  • Memory of Martyr Ghulam Ali Tork

    Sitting besides the coffin of my husband, I kept staring at him. Although his body was left under the scorching heat of the sun for days, but a pleasant smell reached my nose from him. There was a stunning light on his face. I thought it is because of the lighting in the surrounding. But when I looked around there was no lightning. I did not even see a small lamp. At night when I slept , he came in my dream with his ever smiling face. Sadly I asked him, "You might have suffered so much pain when all these bullets hit you." He replied, "No, I did not feel any pain. When the bullets hit my body my head was on the laps of Hazrat Amir (AS) and Holy Prophet (SAW) was besides me. He had a bowl of water in his hands. He sprinkled the water on my face. An aroma was spread in the surrounding with which I went into a deep sleep. The light that you see on my face is because of the water that Holy Prophet (SAW) sprinkled on my face.

  • Martyr Muhammad Ibrahim Himmat

    Memory of Martyr Muhammad Ibrahim Himmat

    On the day of his wedding, mother said: He promises not to smoke as well. His wife also said: A soldier on the path of Allah should not smoke; smoking is far away from your dignity! When we returned home, he went behind his clothes and searched it's pockets; removed all of his cigarettes, crushed them and threw them in the dust bin. He said: Done. After around 14 years of smoking , I quit it now. No one will ever see cigarette in my hands after this. His wife says: One day after around two years of our wedding I went to him and said, "This child has pain in his ear; take this cigarette and smoke in his ears." He said, "I cannot do it. I have promised not to smoke ever!" He continued, "Take it to our neighbours, he will smoke in his ears. Please do not tell me to smoke ever. "

  • Martyr Yusuf Sharif

    Memory of Martyr Yusuf Sharif

    He used to say: I love to get martyred while in the state of prostration. One of his friends recollects his memory and says:I was taking photographs when I saw a person prostrated. I thought maybe he is reciting his prayers but then I realized that it is already a bright day and the time of prayers is over. This person also had his military equipments with him. I went a little nearer so that I can take his photo in this state. When I put my hand on his shoulders, he fell on my side. I saw that a bullet had hit him from behind and reached his heart. But he was calm as if he has nothing to do with this world anymore. When I saw his face, I became weak at my knees. I said to myself: This is Yusuf Sharif!!

  • Martyr Rajaee

    Memory of Martyr Rajaee

    We were Martyr Rajaee's neighbours and he had become the country's first Minister recently. Coincidently, during those days we had some construction work. One fine day, while my husband and I were carrying the construction waste to the lane, he had bought bread from the nearby bakery and was returning home. When he saw us, he greeted us as usual and said, "Don't you need help?" My husband thanked him and said, "It is not very important." But he quickly went upstairs, kept the bread at his house and came downstairs. Then he seriously raised his sleeves and with his purity came to help us. Whatever we did inorder to stop him from this troublesome work, he did not accept and continued to help us and said, "Being neighbours mean this!" He made us feel ashamed with his magnanimity.

  • Martyr Sayyid Muhammad Beheshti

    Memory of Martyr Sayyid Muhammad Beheshti

    "Death to Beheshti!" they used to shout out this slogan in front of the judiciary and Martyr Beheshti used to listen everything calmly. One of his fellows turned to him and said, "Why is Imam Khomeini quiet? How I wish he answered these insults." Beheshti replied, "Brother! Imam is not supposed to pay for our problems. We are his shield during the problems, not he!"

  • Martyr Sayyid Abdul Hamid Dayalme

    Memory of Martyr Sayyid Abdul Hamid Dayalme

    I entered the dining room. There was such a long queue for taking food that it was not possible for me to reach the class on time. I tried to see if there is someone I know in the queue so that he can take food for me as well. I saw someone whose face looked familiar and he had a religious look. I went near him, gave him the token and said, "Please take food for me as well." After sometime when it was his chance, he gave my token and took one plate of food.Then he brought it for me near the dining table and then returned to the end of the queue. I stood up and went near him and asked him, "Why did you do this and did not take food for yourself?" He replied, "I had the right to take only one plate of food and I used my right and took the food for you. Now I returned over here to take food for myself." This person was none other than Martyr Sayyid Abdul Hamid Dayalme who was martyred on 28th June 1981 in Tehran by the Zionists. He is buried in the shrine of Lady Fatima Masuma (SA) in Qom.

  • Martyr Kumail Safari Tabar

    Memory of Martyr Kumail Safari Tabar

    One fine day, on my birthday he gave me a birthday present which was a gold ring and a mobile phone. He said, "During this time when we were together, because of my work you have taken a lot of pain and trouble. If Allah wills, since I couldn't do anything for you in this world, I will compensate for you in the Hereafter."He gave me the present and left. Exactly twelve days after my birthday, I got the news of his martyrdom.

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