Memory of Commander General Martyr Qasem Sulaimani

(narrated by himself)

Once I was returning from my mission, I did not wait for the car to come and pick me up. I directly took a taxi from the airport. The driver of the taxi was a young man who looked at me strangely.

I asked him: What happened? Do you think you know me?

Still he looked at me strangely and then said: Do you have any relationship with Commander Sulaimani? Are you his brother or his aunt’s son?

I replied: I am Commander myself.

He laughed and said: Why are you joking with me?
I laughed and said: I am Commander Sulaimani.

He did not believe me. He said: Do you swear by God. I said: I swear by God I am Commander Sulaimani.

He became quiet. He did not say anything else. I asked him: Why did you become quiet.
But he didn’t say anything.

I said: How’s your life? How are you dealing with the expensiveness? What problems are you facing?

The driver once again looked at me strangely and said: If you are Commander Sulaimani, I don’t have any problem.

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