Memory of Martyr Ali Reza Bariri

(as narrated by the martyr’s friend)

The memory of the respected Martyr which I an going to narrate is from the army of Karbala 25, when we all were based in Khan Toman and we recently got introduced to the honorable martyr.

Few days after meeting him, the enemies attacked us. And this honorable man could not stay patient behind the levee. He went on shooting fire with his gun, ran on the other side and exploded the enemy’s tanks with his RPG. In short, he fought with the enemies with whatever he had in his hands. Believe me, on that day it was because of him and his bravery we won and the enemies retreated.

After few days when I got a chance, I asked him: Why do you fight so fiercely and cannot be patient? His reply gave me goosebumps on my body. He said: During the war while fighting I can see Lady Zainab (sa), who looks at me and smiles at me.
I did not believe him initially till the day came when Khan Toman was about to fall. Amidst all the chaos of the war, my attention was on Ali Reza. He started fighting with all his heart and soul. And what I saw at the moment, I could not believe my eyes.

This honorable martyr would turn his head behind him in the middle of the war and give a smile which would enlighten his face. This repeated for few times more and that is when I believed that the respected Lady (sa) is watching him.
During all this incident I got injured and then could not understand anything else until Tehran…

While in the hospital, I got the news of the martyrdom of Ali Reza and few other friends. I would cry and the doctors would think that I am crying because of the injury. They did not ever understand that part of me have been left in Khan Toman….


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