Memory of Martyr Husain Maz Ghulami

Two years back it was the night of 5th Muharram. Husain asked me if I would like to come at the gathering. I agreed.
I thought to myself maybe it must be a huge and famous gathering where Husain goes once to recite lamentations.
When we reached the place, they told us that it has not started yet. Husain said it’s not a problem, we will wait.
We were waiting in the car for half and hour. Husain was practicing the poetries and lamentations……

When we entered the gathering, I was dumb. I saw that we are only four people. One of them was busy reciting Quran… After the recitation of Quran, Husain started reciting Ziyarat of Ashura and the lamentations. His eyes were closed and he kept on reciting. As if he cared nothing else.

While returning I asked him if he knew that there would be so less people over here.
He replied : Yes. I have promised them to recite the lamentations every year for one night. Sometimes in such a small gathering, which is not even famous, a person finds something which is not found even in larger gatherings.


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