Memory of Martyr Ibrahim Hadi

We were standing in front of the Mosque with Ibrahim and few other friends. An old man came towards us. He was the father of a martyr whose body was brought by Ibrahim from a height. We said him Salam and he replied. After few seconds he said : Agha Ibrahim! Thanks for the trouble you have taken! However my son is upset with you.
Immediately the smile on Ibrahim’s face vanished. Eyes of the old man was wet because of tears.
He continued : Last night I saw my son in my dream. He said to me : Till the time we were left anonymous and without any sign on the ground of the war front, mother of the Sayyids, Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) used to come to visit us. However there is no news from her anymore.
It is said that the anonymous martyrs are the special guests of Lady Siddiqa (sa). A big drop of tear falls from the corner of Ibrahim’s eyes. I could read his thoughts. He had found his way; being an Anonymous Martyr!

(O my martyr friend, a martyr without a sign, brother Ibrahim, give our salam to our mother Lady Fatima Zahra [sa]. O honorable near Allah, intercede us in front of Him.)

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