Memory of Martyr Mahdi Bakri

One of my brothers had martyred. His grave was in Ahwaz. My second brother was in Islam Aabad. When I was returning from Ahwaz with my family, we went to Islam Aabad. We reached towards an army near sunset. It was raining heavily. We went towards the commander’s tent to take permission from him to stay there. Martyr Mahdi was inside his tent. When we asked him, he said : Come inside this tent. There’s no more place.

Next morning when we wanted to continue our journey, my mother asked me to search for Martyr Mahdi, so that we could thank him. I went here and there inorder to search him. One of them from the army said : Agha Mahdi is not well. He’s sleeping. When I asked him the reason, he said : There was no place in the tent last night to sleep. He was under the rain whole night, he has caught cold.

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