Memory of Martyr Marhamat Balazadeh

During one of the days, in the year 1983 when Ayatollah Khamenei was the President of his time, while leaving for the program of directorate, he left from the Pasteur Road. While on his way, he heard some noise which was not very far.

The voice was from a young boy age 12-13 years old. The guards did not allow the boy to go near Ayatollah Khamenei. Ayatollah himself went to see what the matter was and finally the boy could come near to him.
Ayatollah Khamenei politely asked the boy: What is your name son?
He replied: I am Marhamat from Ardabeel. I traveled all the way from Ardabeel to see you!
Ayatollah replied: Fine. What do you want?
Marhamat said: Please tell the scholars not to recite the lamentations of Hazrat Qasim (as).
Ayatollah replied: Why son? What is the matter?
Marhamat said: Hazrat Qasim (as) was also of my age and he sacrificed his life for the sake of Allah and Imam Husain (as). Why don’t they allow us to go to the warfront?

When Ayatollah Khamenei listened to the words of the boy, he himself signed on the dispatch paper, giving him the permission to go at the warfront…..

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