Memory of Martyr Mohsin Hojaji

(as narrated by the martyr’s wife)

Mohsin used to detach his heart from me and his son very easily. Because his true love was Allah.
Everyone knew how we both loved each other.
Everyone used to envy for the love between us.
But he used to always say, “Zahra Jaan, do not doubt the love I have for you and our son Ali! But when it comes to Lady Zainab (sa), I will leave both of you and go!”

If our son Ali is trained the way I want and grows up, he will definitely feel proud of his father and will select his path as well and if Allah wills he will achieve martyrdom as well.

With only two of Agha Mohsin’s photos, one of his captivity and another of his martyrdom, Ali understands how brave his father was! He was a man with modesty, dignity and faith!

Whenever someone comes in the gathering which is kept for Agha Mohsin and cries for him, I tell them that please cry with an aim. Cry for Lady Zainab (sa), for Imam Husain (as) so that the martyr (Agha Mohsin) also feels happy and content.


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