Memory of Martyr Mohsin Hojaji

We overcame a very difficult Operation. Mohsin and his friends were celebrating that night. Most of their shoots reached the aim.

When we returned from the war front, the boys from Nishapor congratulated us. Among all this happiness and chaos, Mohsin was standing in one corner and was doing zikr on his beads 📿.

I screamed towards him, “Brother, all are so happily celebrating tonight. Don’t you feel happy?”
He replied, “I did not do anything brother so that I should celebrate! It was all done by Allah. I am thanking Him that he chose us for this work.”

Next day, we were given some money on behalf of the Commander of Iraq. Mohsin did not accept it. He said, “I have not come here for money.”
I said to him, “First, this is a gift. Second, it is not much!”

I told him to put some of it inside the Shrine of Lady Zainab (sa). And to buy gifts for his wife with the rest.

After his visit to the Shrine, he did not spend much time in the market.
I asked him, “You were supposed to buy gifts for your wife with the remaining money!?”
He replied, “The money went where it was supposed to..”
I replied, “You mean, you put all of it inside the Shrine?!”


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