Memory of Martyr Mohsin Hojaji

Memory of Martyr Mohsin Hojaji

(as narrated by the martyr’s wife)

When we came to know about the day of his dispatch:

Two weeks after his name was written among the list of those who were to be dispatched, we went to the Shrine of Imam Zadeh Shahzadeh Husain, someone called Mohsin over there. I thought one of his friends had called him. He slowly said: Sure, I will get ready. I asked him: Who was it? He replied: Tomorrow morning is the dispatch.
I felt as if I am not on the floor anymore. My legs did not have any sensation.

Soon we returned to Najaf Abad. He said: First I need to tell my father ; but mother should not know anything right now, she will become very upset. He requested me to tolerate and not to cry at that time, so that what needs to happen takes place.