Memory of Martyr Mustafa Chamran

(as narrated by the martyr’s wife)

I told my father: I do not want celebrations, only near relatives; uncles and aunts….
He replied: Whatever you wish for…

Next morning, after the prayer of Zohr was the Nikah ceremony. I got ready to go to school to teach. My mother was upset with me and would not talk.
My sister asked me: Where are you going?! I replied: School. She said: You should be going now to dress up yourself! I replied: Should I?!

I left for school. Everyone started asking me: Why have you come to school? I felt strange! I asked : Why shouldn’t I come? Mustafa wants me to be in this manner.

Mustafa didn’t have many from his family over here. Few close friends and family came from his side. Not many came from my relatives. Everyone was against us and upset.

My sister asked me: What dress do you want to wear for the ceremony. I replied: I have many dresses. She said: Dress should be for the ceremony.

She left and bought a new dress for me. Everyone would say she’s mad. They would say we don’t want our self respect to be hurt in front of everyone.
Maybe I was the first bride in that place who didn’t go behind make up and dressing up during the wedding…

Finally the nikah ceremony took place in front of few close friends and relatives. Dowry was one Quran and commitment from the bridegroom (Martyr Chamran) to guide me towards perfection, Ahlul Bayt (as) and Islam.

This was the first kind of dowry in “Soor” where the bride didn’t ask for any money… Everyone felt very strange.

Nime Pinhan – book written on Martyr Mustafa Chamran by his wife Ghadeh Jaber.

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