Memory of Martyr Mustafa Sadr Zadeh

(as narrated by the martyr’s wife)

It was the first year of our lives together. Agha Mustafa was busy with the work of the gatherings during those days.

On the day of martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa). I saw that before Agha Mustafa left for the gathering, he was busy preparing lamentations.
I asked him with surprise, “Agha Mustafa, you never recite lamentations!”
He replied, “It is different on the day of martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa). Specially this year!”
I asked, “What is different this year?”
He replied, “Till the time a man does not experience a thing, he will not understand it.”
“This year you are with me, I can understand the love between Lady Fatima and Imam Ali (as) a little bit. Thus I can now understand what does Fatimiyeh mean.”

Even though very little but now I can understand what trouble came over Amirul Momeneen (as) after the martyrdom of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa).


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