Memory of Martyr Sadiq Adalat Akbar

(as narrated by the martyr’s wife)

Whenever Agha Sadiq used to go out for his work, I would write a letter and keep among his clothes in his bag, so he could read later. Last year, he went to Karbala for the first time. I wrote two letters from which one was for him. I asked him to read this letter on behalf of me between the two shrines (Baynul Haramain) facing the Shrine of Abal Fadhl. And to drop the second letter after Arbain in the Shrine of Imam Husian (as) and not to read it!

I was sure that he would not read the letter, but I don’t know why he read it. I had asked and wished for martyrdom of Agha Sadiq from Imam Husain (as) in that letter.

I wrote: O my master! For the sake of the life of your sister Zainab (sa), grant happiness and proximity to all the thirsty and aspiring Muslims near Allah. Agha Sadiq has stepped on your path. I entrust him to you! He wishes to achieve martyrdom on your path. Even I love martyrdom, but the fire of love towards martyrdom is not so high as Agha Sadiq. He wishes for martyrdom just like your brother’s son Hazrat Qasim and for him martyrdom is as sweet as honey like your brother’s son.

When Agha Sadiq came back he was so happy and told me: I couldn’t believe that you would pray for my martyrdom from the depth of your heart like this.

Initially I couldn’t pray for him like this and it was very difficult for me. But then I realized that he is suffering in this world. I realized that I have become selfish and want him just for myself. But then later I started thinking that I want him for the sake of Allah as well.


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