Will of Martyr Mohsen Hojaji

Part One:

For the sake of patient Lady s.a
Peace be upon you O Lady, Queen of Love
Peace be upon you O patient Lady of Syria
On your journey to Syria, you created uproar
Igniting a revolution in its wake

You gave sermons on destitute Imam Hussain a.s
Karbala is alive because of you
Karbala, the cries, the sufferings would have been lost in time had it not been for you
You witnessed pain and difficulty
You witnessed looters and riders
You witnessed the crimes committed by wretched Hurmala
You suffered along with the caravan

In the name of light…

May Allah bless you O mother O Fatima Zahra s.a. Peace be upon you!
Recon not those who are slain in the way of Allah to be dead. Nay they are alive with their Lord being sustained. {Surah Aal e Imran, 169}
Only few hours left to leave, the closer I come to leave, the more my heart becomes impatient…
I don’t know what to write?? And how to express my feelings…
I don’t know how to express my happiness??
How and in which language to thank Allah??
I’m duty bound to write a few lines as my Will with pen…
I do not know what made my destiny so beautiful, to be on this path of love…
Without a shadow of doubt my mother’s chastity, lawful livelihood of my father and a God fearing spouse played a crucial role in where I am today…

Part two:

I yearned for martyrdom day and night. It is my conviction that with martyrdom the highest levels of servility can be achieved…
I have struggled to attain this position, unaware of how much I have managed to succeed…
My eyes are eager, waiting to be bestowed by Allah’s beneficence and the love of Ahlul Bayt, hoping that they accept my shamefaced existence and have mercy on me.
Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
If you receive the news of my martyrdom, then understand that the reason is only Allah’s beneficence and blessings bestowed upon me…
He and He alone has the power to forgive shamefaced existence of men like us…

My beloved wife, Zahra:

When you receive the news of my martyrdom, know that I have reached my ultimate destination, the true aim for which I married you; have pride in the fact that your husband sacrificed himself for the sake of Lady Zainab s.a
Have patience and imagine yourself in the presence of Lady Zainab s.a. Her trials and tribulations are greater than we could ever imagine…

My dear father:

Throughout my life you have always be my stronghold. You are the living example of courage for me… when you receive the news of my martyrdom, imagine Karbala and remember the time when Imam Hussain a.s came near his son Ali Akbar who was a part of him… your pain is not more than the pain of Aba Abdillah a.s…. Be patient… I know it will be heartbreaking for you but Allah will help you.

My dear mother:

Ummul Baneen sacrificed four of her sons for Aba Abdillah a.s without even raising an eyebrow.
Even when she received the news of her son’s martyrdom, she asked only about Imam Hussain a.s… likewise when you receive the news of my martyrdom, be patient like Ummul Baneen and rejoice with pride that you sacrificed your son for Imam Hussain a.s and Lady Zainab s.a. Never gladden the hearts of our enemies by being restless.

Part three:

My dear brother:

When you see my body wrapped in a shroud, remember the tragedy that befell on Aba Abdillah a.s as he came near the body of his beloved brother Abbas s.a, martyrdom of Abbas s.a literally broke his back…
Be grateful and never doubt the gift that you have presented Islam….

Beloved sister:

While bidding farewell to you, father and mother I recalled the time when the women of Ahlul Bayt were bidding farewell to Ali Akbar s.a, so if I attain martyrdom as well , remember Ali Akbar’s sacrifices, your loss is nothing as compared to the losses of the women of Ahlul Bayt…

My beloved son Ali:

Forgive me my son….
I will not witness your growing years…
Your transaction from adolescence to manhood….
Try and continue my legacy…. try to do a work that leads to martyrdom for you.

Dear mother and father: {in laws}

I have always accepted you as my parents and I am content that you will witness my fate…I am happy that I was destined to be a part of your family..
I request nothing of you except patience. Always remember Ali Akbar who was also a newlywed son in law in Karbala…
Please forgive this humble servant’s shamefaced existence…
If I have any of your rights on my shoulder, if I have slandered you or became the reason of your heartache… please forgive me.
If, I attain martyrdom…
I will intercede for you.

Part four:

Do not be heedless towards Wilayat-e-Faqih, know that I have achieved certainty that Imam Khamenei is the true deputy of Imam e Zamana a.t.f.s.
I want all my dear sisters and all the women of the Ummah of Holy Prophet s.a.w to reinforce their veil each and every day. Let not any Na Maharam get attracted to you with even a single strand of your hair. Let not the color of your face become the reason of attraction for others…
Never neglect your hijab.
Always imitate the women of the household of the Prophet s.a.w .Especially Lady Fatimah Zahra s.a should be your role model.
Remember the lines from this poetry…
When Ruqayyah s.a addressed her father and said, “Do not grieve for the sake of my hijab, O beloved father… it has been burnt of course but it is still covers my head…”
I humbly request my fellow brothers of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet s.a.w to beware of the western culture and its deviation. Always look upon Imam Ali a.s as your role model.
Be prepared for the appearance of Imam E Zamana a.t.f.s and sacrifice yourself for him. Prepare yourself to fight against the unbelievers especially Israel as the day is near.
Serve Allah s.w.t with complete sincerity, within your servitude lies your success in hereafter.

I have a few rights left on my shoulder; I want my family to take care of it on my behalf:

I owe one million tomans to my grandmother’s father.
Little indebted towards brother Mohsen Himmati related to the cultural products and other works.
I owe 32 thousand tomans and a few snoods to the base of the martyrs of Amir Abad foundation.
If possible please recite prayers and fasts of one month on my behalf, in case I have missed prayer or fasts so that it gets compensated for me.

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