Will of Martyr Mustafa Sadr Zadeh

Bisme Rabbe Shohda va Siddiqeen
O Allah, send your blessings upon Muhammad (saw) and his family.
Lord, who has done a favor upon us by creating us as human beings out of all His creations.

All praise is to Allah who favored me with the Holy Land of Iran. And thanks to Allah who granted me a righteous father, mother and a wife.
I thank Allah infinitely who has infused the love of the Martyrs and Leader of the Martyrs in my heart and gave me the taufiq to serve Islam. Allah I thank you a lot to have given love of Imam Khamenei in our hearts through whom we learned to know the Yazidis of our time and also learnt not to surrender or bow our heads in front of the enemy . I request all of my friends, relatives and with those I have acquaintances to please follow the commands of Imam Khamenei inorder to not go astray from the right path. Because he is best in identifying who is a friend of Islam and who is its enemy. I request my father and dear family to not grieve profusely after my death instead cry and grieve on Aba Abdillah (as) and his children and companions.

I request my mother and father, my wife and my daughter to forgive this humble servant. I have been careless in paying rights of my parents. I have been the reason for their inconvenience. Only Allah is the witness of all the troubles that they both have taken to make me safe during the war and after the war. They made sacrifices for my studies and education. Only Allah knows how much trouble I have caused them both and they tolerated all the difficulties just so that I achieve perfection and have a best of both the worlds. I am grateful towards my parents who encouraged me to choose my path even during my youth. I wanted to go Najaf for studies and my parents respected my decisions. Once again I ask my parents to respect my decision. Please do not be unhappy with anyone or anything. To fight against the enemies of Islam had been my wish and Allah knows how much I have been longing for this. I lamented towards my Lord to fight against these enemies. It might be possible that some people might question my parents but please do not listen to their words because I believe in the step I have taken.

I ask forgiveness from my dear wife because I was not an ideal husband to her. I want to tell my dear wife that I know after me my daughter will become an orphan and you will be taking all the troubles but keep this in mind that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w has said: Whoever becomes orphan Allah is his guardian. Hence believe that Allah is always with you. I have a wish that our daughter Fatemah becomes just like Lady Fatemah (sa), that is, the one who always is a defender of Wilayah. I want to tell all my family, friends, relatives and everyone whose rights lie on my shoulders to forgive this humble servant because I am aware that my Akhlaq and behavior was not worthy of martyrdom, it was only a gift and blessing of Allah who granted this to us. People of Iran, please keep this in mind that we have shed blood to protect our country and the religion of Islam. Our children became orphans, our wives became widow and we left our parents to morn our death, only and only for the sake of Allah.


A person who achieved your proximity, for what does he need his life, for what does he need his family and sons and wives.
You make me fall madly in love with you, my Lord!
You grant us both the worlds.
A person who is madly in love with You, what will he need both the worlds for…


Lady Zainab (sa), the moment you were alone in Damascus surrounded with the enemies, we did not give ourselves permission that they disrespect you and the family of Imam Husayn (as). The era of oppression of the Shias has come to an end.
Inni silmun leman salamkum va harbun leman harabakum.
My respected Lady, please take in account my in proficient blood as well.

– Mustafa Sadr Zadeh.

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