Memory of Martyr Ahmad Makyan

(as narrated by the martyr’s friend)

The last time when I was with Ahmad at the war province, there was no news from him. As if he was busy preparing himself for the flight.
He would do less of fun, whenever free he would recite Quran. If he would listen someone backbiting even a little, he would ask them not to do or just go away from such gathering.

Once when he woke up from sleep, he woke up sad. I asked him so much to tell the reason behind his sorrow. He said that he had seen Sayyid Ibrahim (Martyr Musatafa Sadr Zadeh) in his sleep. After his martyrdom, it was the first time he saw him in his dream. The martyr was smiling but as if taunting him said : O my so called friends! Why don’t you all visit my family?!

After some days again he was sad and upset. I pleaded him alot and tried to know the reason behind his sorrow. He said: I saw Sayyid Ibrahim once again in my dream. I started crying in the dream and asked him : O dear Sayyid. When will it be our turn?! I am tired of waiting. You yourself do something for me please.
He said : Sayyid smiled in his dream and told him not to worry. All of the friends who are left alive will reach martyrdom one day.
Now Ahmad has left us, the only thing that keeps me going and smiling is the line said by Sayyid. And I am in the hope of the day when I can be among our group of friends once again.

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