Memory of Martyr Musatafa Sadr Zadeh

(as narrated by the martyr’s mother)

One of the impressive activities by Mustafa during his blessed life was building of the Mosque of Amirul Momeneen (as). He used to collect money from people on Thursday nights at the graveyard of Golzar Behesht Rizvan Shahryar or Behest Zahra, inorder to build this mosque. Sometimes he would work in the Mosque with the children to save money, so that less money is spend on the workers of the Mosque. Once I asked him: Don’t you feel tired while collecting money from the people day and night? He smiled and replied: Mother dont you know begging for the sake of Allah brings so much happiness!

He was in the state of self building and self struggling since those days. This begging inorder to break his ego had taken him forward on the path of Allah.

Reference : Book of Sayyid Ibrahim

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