Memory of Martyr Hadi Zulfiqari

Once a person was residing in our town. He looked very strong physically. He would always tie a Cheffieh around his neck and wear military style pant. His behaviour was not quiet good with others.

He would behave very roughly with others. Others would think that he is a Basiji because of the way he would dress up.

Once Hadi saw him and asked him to change the way he dresses. But he did not pay attention towards Hadi’s words. Again next time when Hadi saw him, he said to him: You are bringing down the image of the Basijis and Ayatollah Imam Khamenei by dressing up like this and behaving harshly with others. When people look at your behaviour, they think of bad about the Islamic System.
Hadi himself removed the Cheffieh from his neck and asked him not to wear it and not to wear the military style pant again.

We saw that person again, but did not see him dressing up like before in the public neither we saw him behaving harshly with the people.

Amr be Maruf which was done by Martyr Hadi showed its results.


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