Memory of Martyr Mohsin Hojaji

(as narrated by the martyr’s friend)

We were busy doing our internship at the Hospital Sadooqi in Isfahan. One day he came towards me and said to me : Are you ready to do something today for the sake of our Hereafter?
Before I could reply he took my hands and took me to a room. The room was filled with a dirty smell. He said : An old man has got a bedsore. Let’s help the nurse to wash him.
The nurse wanted to wash the old man using the liquid soap inside his room. Mohsin became angry and did not allow him to do that.

He hurried to the medical store and bought a soap himself. He washed the body of the old man who could not even speak anything, dried him and made him wore a dress. Later he also kissed his forehead and then we left the room.

While returning he said to me : (Helping) This old man will give us the blessing of martyrdom tomorrow. This deed will show itself in the Hereafter.


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