Will of Martyr Muhammad Ibrahim Himmat

In the name of Allah, who is never far from my existence and an inspiration for me to join Him while remembering Him. Peace be upon Husain (a.s), chief of the martyrs and an example to mankind. Dear mother, and kind wife, dear father and brother! Peace be upon you, who were never a barrier for me in striving towards Allah. How patient you all were. As you all know my profound love for the martyrs, who were similar to the birds always flying towards the kingdom of the Almighty, an example to mankind, who had faith to become immortal by giving their life in the way of Allah and gaining proximity to him. They are the ones who gave meaning to the words of my Lord,”Innallah ashtari menal momeneen” (certainly, Allah takes from the faithful).

 Desire for martyrdom has made my existence within myself unbearable, feeling lost and trapped within a cage eager to find freedom from this captivity, barbed wires are barriers for me! I hate the deceiving, materialistic world which detaches you from your Lord. (Evil desires).

During our military operations, brothers could feel their martyrdom they would become spiritual and luminous.
Dear ones! This is the second time I’m writing this will, I know that I don’t deserve martyrdom, because of the captive state I’m in , I feel that I’m unclean and not pure.

I started out on this path, since the beginning of Islamic revolution. But after the victory of the Islamic revolution, I found my place of refuge with the soldiers. My involvement in eradicating the counter revolutionary activities of Khans in the province of Shehereza and Samiram ,and later participating in Khuzistan, and my involvement in winning back Khurram city. After which, I visited Seestan and Baluchestan (Chabahar and Konark) and finally moving towards Kurdistan, where I’ve spent two years. It seems that the war is merged with my existence. Allah has been kind to me and has given me the taufeeq (help) to struggle in his way. I’m still with this world awaiting for the next, the wait that will unite you with your beloved.

 O my dear ones note that:

1. If Allah blesses me with a child, since I couldn’t be at home for even a week since the day I selected a wife for myself, I would love him to be trained like Imam Ali [a.s].My wife is an extraordinary person, very patient and she loves Lady Zainab, she will enjoy training my child, cause she has found the true path. If we are blessed with a son, name him ‘Mahdi’ and if we are blessed with a daughter, name her ‘Maryam’. Because my wife will like these names.
2. Imam Khomeini is an immaculate personality; he is an ocean of knowledge. Implement every single of his orders so that Allah is pleased with you because he is the Supreme leader and holds great position in Allah’s eyes.
3. Whatever money I have, first, pay my debt to the Tehran Revolutionaries [headquarters] and the rest my wife can spend however she likes.
4. Our nation is the miracle nation of the century and our nation has and will sustain by the sacrifice of martyrs and by seeking the assistance of Allah, so that we can join this revolution to the revolution of Hazrat Mahdi [ATFS] and in this continuous efforts, surely Allah will always help the believers.
5. If my mother, my family or my wife is anxious or discontented because of me, I won’t be happy. Entrust me to Allah and be patient and brave.

Haj Himmat.

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