Will of Martyr Sayyid Murtuza Aviny

Life is beautiful, but martyrdom is more beautiful! Assurance for oneself is appealing, but the bird of love finds it’s self trapped in its own existence and wants freedom into the blissful garden.

Didn’t He create a narrow neck so that in the battlefield of Karbala it is slaughtered easily for the love of it?Didn’t He take an eternal oath from the sons of Adam to love Husain more than their own life?
Doesn’t the mortal travel through exhaustion so that the abode of soul gets flourished?
Did He create a restless lover to leave him abandoned on earth just to sleep and drink?
And if the ladder to the heavens didn’t exist, does anything except fat worms and skeleton come from within the soil?
O martyr, O he who is on the threshold of his eternal existence, reach out to us and pull us out of this void.

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