Will of Martyr Sheikh Al-Nimr

Below is the letter written by Martyr Sheikh Baqir Al-Nimr to his mother before his martyrdom.

Patient mother of mine, Salam.
I must be grateful to my Lord in all circumstances.
I am submitting myself to whatever He has decreed for me.
O mother! Whatever the Lord of the universe predestines for us is without a shadow of doubt better than what we have predetermined for ourselves.
We make plans and Allah makes plans for us, certainly He’s the best planner.
We stand on his threshold and pray to grant what is best for us.
Everything in this world is preordained according to Allah’s will and wisdom.
No power has the capacity to resist against His will, yet no one can move away further without the will of Almighty.
Dear mother, the Lord has control over everything and his certainty has engulfed everything, and that’s enough for us.
Dear mother, may your Lord protect all souls.

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