Will of Martyr Dr. Mustafa Chamran (Part of it)

“…for love I sacrifice.
For love I look into the unobservant world and find other aspects.
For love I see world beautiful and worship its beauty.
For love I feel God, worship Him and offer my life and existence.
Love is the purpose and the motivation of my life.

I have never seen anything more beautiful than love and I never asked for anything more than love. Love makes my soul shudder, and makes my heart throb, makes the hidden talents appear,
It gives me freedom from selfishness and arrogance, I sense another world; it sweeps me away from my existence,
I find tender feelings, sensitive heart and a beautiful sight.
Quivering leaf, a twinkling star, small termites, the breeze of dawn, waves of the sea, beautiful sunset; makes me captive and carries my soul away from this world to another…
These are all manifestations of love.

I am prepared to die; I’m familiar with this for some time. But for the first time I write a will. I’m happy that I will attain martyrdom this way.
I’m happy that I will go to my final abode.
I have left everything in this world.
I’ve neglected all my interests.
I’ve torn the constraints.
I’ve divorced the world thrice and I welcome martyrdom with open arms………”

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