Will of Martyr Sayyid Abbas Musavi

Martyrdom is a choice, that a martyr accepts fully being conscious of the risk involved. A warrior chooses his path with all awareness, intelligence, logic and reasoning. I know that there are only two ways, either die to live or live to die. In short, either accept red death (martyrdom) or live a miserable life (black life) and accept Black Death (is the fate of a meek person who accepts scorn in order to remain alive). Black life is the life of slavery and humiliation. But red death is a step taken willingly for the sake of Allah, complete annihilation to find the absolute truth.

And, me who is an infinitesimal drop of the fathomless ocean of this nation has accepted martyrdom and I am thankful to Allah that my blood has become worthy of acceptance as the blood of a martyr. Though my aim was clear and you knew about it, I have a few things to say to you. Father, forgive me that I could not fulfil desires of your heart but I hope that I have been able to make you proud. O my dear mother, O precious jewel of creation near me, whose bitter stories of life lies in the beads of transparent tears. A mother who suffered in winter trembling and summer’s sweating, besides my father to earn bread. I know that I have never been anything to you but trouble all my life. But I sincerely hope that in the afterlife I’ll repay your efforts with my martyrdom. Brothers, after my martyrdom don’t leave the battlefields empty and do not rest till the end of the revolution. Even if the enemies cut you into pieces, don’t show weakness and satisfy your enemy’s heart. My will is for those dormant who like to have a turtle head! For how long are you willing to betray your own country? If you are not a traitor, be a free man and choose this path to success and help this revolution.

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