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  • Martyr Muhammad Reza Bizai

    Martyr Muhammad Reza Bizai

    (as narrated by one of the companions of the Martyr)It was the year 2013, and I was told that the boys have under taken the operation at the area of Zainabiye near the region of Hajire. The terrorists had surrounded three kilometers from the shrine of Lady Zainab sa.Early morning we went there. Muhammad Reza was also present over there. Many of the operations were successful and it resulted in the safety of the Shrine of Lady Zainab sa.Muhammad Reza had a black flag in his hand. He had brought it down from the top of the near building. A red flag with 'Ya Abal Fadhl' written on it was waving at the same place.We reached in the front area of the Shrine, where no person dared to pass from. With the bravery of Muhammad Reza and his friends, the place was safe.I saw Muhammad Reza cry and whisper 'Assalamo Alayka Ya Sayyidana Zainab.... ' while facing the Shrine. #defendersoftheholyshrine#martyrs_of_syria

  • Martyr Ali Yazdani

    Martyr Ali Yazdani

    (as narrated by his wife)All these years I have lived with him, I remember, whenever few days were left for the month of Muharram, I would not see him at home anymore.He would get busy from making posters to preparing the place for the gathering and other such things.He had a special devotion for Imam Husain as. No one could ever stop him from serving Imam Husain as. and his lovers.It is natural that whenever someone prepares a place for the gathering during Muharram, they are hopeful that more people attend it. But Martyr Ali would never feel hopeless or disappointed when only a few people would attend the gathering.He would say, "Important is to set up a gathering to lament for Imam Husain as. Whoever joins the gathering, less or more, are invited by Imam Husain as. And I should do my duty to serve them so that I am not guilty in front of my Master in the hereafter." #defendersoftheholyshrine#martyrs_of_syria

  • Martyr Hamed Javani

    Martyr Hamed Javani

    Hamed was always busy during the month of Muharram in the gathering at Taleghani in Tabriz. He used to volunteer and serve the lovers of Imam Husain as with all his heart and soul.On the day of 10th of Muharram, we used to prepare and serve food to four thousand people. At this time Hamed used to wait till the time people would leave so that he could start washing the large pots in which food was cooked.He used to always start washing the pots while crying. All this while he used to be in a strange condition.We told him that such a task is not for an Officer as everyone knows him. Someone else can do that work.He replied, "This is a place where an Officer must break himself to grow!" He continued, "While washing these pots, I ask Imam Husain as. to grant me a wish."And finally, Imam Husain as. granted him what he had asked for! #defendersoftheholyshrine#martyrs_of_syria

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